9 Ancient Athens and Sparta Projects and Activities

Athens and Sparta.  Sparta and Athens.  Which city-state do you prefer?  If you could go back right now to Ancient Greece and be either a wealthy citizen of Athens or a Spartan general, which would you pick?

13 Project Ideas for Early Greece - The Ancient Mycenaeans

After a few days of the trading, bull-leaping, artistic Minoans, we come to the raiding, Trojan-horse building Mycenaeans.  Here are some ideas for projects and activities on the Mycenaeans!

11 Project Ideas - Early Ancient Greece - The Minoans

I always start my Greece unit with a look at the Ancient Minoans.  They are a fascinating civilization that helped shape the culture we see later on in Ancient Greece.  Here are a few project ideas for learning and showing learning about the Ancient Minoans.

37 Project Ideas - Geography of Ancient Greece

Years ago I wrote a post on Ancient Mesopotamia school project ideas broken down by Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.  I don't know what's taken me so long, but I finally decided it's time to come up with a list of projects for Ancient Greece!

What were the 5 Themes of Geography of Ancient Greece?

Water, mountains, and peninsulas.  That's all there is to the geography of ancient Greece, right?

Well, those are a big part of Greece's physical geography, but they don't tell the whole story.

How did ancient Greece's geography affect culture?  How did the ancient Greeks adapt to their geography?  How did they alter it?  Where the heck is Greece, anyway?

In order to get a bigger picture of the geography of ancient Greece, let's try using the 5 Themes of Geography.