Pre-Construction Archaelogical Dig Reveals 19th Century Privies Near US Naval Academy

Several artifacts dating from the late 1800s/early 1900s were found in an archaelogical survey of a site near the US Naval Academy at Anapolis, Maryland.

The artifacts, a piece of a chair, a whiskey bottle, a clothes pin, a woman’s blouse button, and an 1897 ink bottle, were found in 2 privies that once serviced a neighborhood in the area.

The dig was conducted to determine whether a planned expansion to the Naval Academy would disturb anything of historical significance at the site. The neighborhood where the privies were used was destroyed in 1941 when the Naval Academy acquired the land.

Goodwin and Associates, the firm conducting the dig, will now evaluate the results of the study and issue a recommendation on whether the site should be preserved for historical significance.

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